If you want to start a business, Begin with the Right Mindset

I struggled earlier on when I was starting my business with putting my thoughts together and sharing my ideas and stories with other people.  I was afraid that my business ideas were not perfect. But then I started reading about what it takes to build a business and I realized that successful businesses are centred on being a force for good and delivering your best work to transform people’s lives. I didn’t have to have a perfect business model, I just needed to find a problem that I wanted to solve or find a way to improve the lives of people who I cared about. The reality is that I was already helping people tap into their true potential and start businesses that they loved, but I had not modelled my work into a business.


I had to overcome my limiting beliefs of perfection and replace them with a new mindset that embraced a test-learn-reiterate approach. In today’s world, the game changers are the people who wholeheartedly embrace unlearning, re-learning and learning to ship their product out into the world, even if the product is not perfect – they key thing is to Start!


Why She Creates is a school that walks you through the journey of building your start-up business, step by step. Whether you are a fashion designer, or a fintech founder who wants to build a business – this is the right space for you! We expose you to fresh ideas and a way of thinking that will help you build a resilient business. We deliver real stories of businesses that are thriving in a similar environment. This month of October, we will kick-off the online school with the foundational series of the Start-up Mindset.


Now, I would love to hear from you! If you would like to learn more about Why She Creates School or leave a comment of how this message has helped stir your curiosity or helped you get un-stuck and launch your startup business, please email me at agnesmuthonik@gmail.com


Warm Regards,

Agnes Muthoni

Founder – Why She Creates School

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