The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life

What comes to mind when you hear ‘brave up’ and ‘live your best life’?

Here at Fikiri Impact, we associate those phrases with…

  • defining success for ourselves
  • treating ourselves (foibles and all) with kindness
  • taking responsibility for, and control of, our careers
  • speaking up even when we’re afraid…especially when we’re afraid
  • choosing our accountability partners – people who inspire us and kick our butts when we are letting our goals down

And most of all, we are a community of people who inspire and encourage each other to bravely go after our big hairy audacious dreams. Without apology.

Our Mission and Vision

To inspire and encourage each other to go after our big hairy audacious dreams


Be brave and live your best life yet!

Our History

From the beginning

  • How we began

    2 December 2017

    Fikiri Impact went live on December 2nd 2017 when we conducted a workshop for female-led start-ups on "How to Access Capital as a Female Startup" It was a great success with more than 1000 entrepreneurs who signed up for the event!

  • What's New

    23 February 2018

    Fikiri Impact was featured on business today. Follow this link to read the article. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Events Coming up

    6 March 2018

    On March 6th from 2pm-4pm we will hold a workshop at Nairobi Innovation Week for female start-ups who use innovation/technology to drive productivity. Visit the NIW online portal or eventbrite to sign up for the even

The team

As an innovation thought leader, Agnes shares her thoughts on how to drive meaningful impact across multiple verticals in her blog on Fikiri Impact (‘Fikiri’ means Impact in Swahili).

She is a strategist & story-teller, gathering quantifiable data and drawing insights that drive inclusive finance & optimal growth across across Sub-Saharan Africa.

She is a banker with over 13 years work experience, having worked internationally including the United States and Kenya. She has spent her career going beyond the ‘white-board to deploy innovative fin-tech technologies that are customer-centric and drive financial inclusion.

 Agnes is the co-founder of 254 Network, a platform that provides accessible resources for women in Africa to attain leadership positions and a group that believes women need to support other women because “We are stronger together”.

In 2015, Agnes is an advisor of the Presidential Digital Talent Program in Kenya, where she is an active participant and advisor on government led initiatives on digitizing Government. Agnes holds a degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Southern Methodist University (SMU), where she was a SMU Presidential Scholar.

She is a highly skilled finance and strategy specialist and Board member with 13 years’ experience in leading, reporting, set up of organizational systems and compliance in finance and strategic planning within East Africa. She has held various management roles and been awarded various Leadership and Excellence In Service awards.

An MBA holder from the United Kingdom and CPA, Ms Ngima is an Independent Non-Executive Director with Resolution Insurance, a role that guides high level strategy formulation and execution for the company. She chairs the ICT Business Committee and sits on the Investment, Audit and Risk Committees. Tania was also in 2017 appointed as E.A. Chief Advisor for Savvy Venture Capital (SA) and a partner-mentor for BMCE Bank’s African Entrepreneurship Award

An eloquent and astute communicator, she is a columnist with the East African Standard where she champions public and private governance and financial literacy for the youth, and was appointed to speak during the US Presidential Summit in Washington DC at the close of her Fellowship.

Ms Ngima is also a consultant with Strathmore Business School and is the CEO and Co-Founder of TN Consulting and Pawa UP, a YouTube platform that champions the youth to live their best lives by giving them the tools and strategies to navigate their professional personas. She is a Yellow Lean Six Sigma, a Mandela Washington Fellow – Young African Leaders Initiative and was one of the 25 African women participants selected for the 2015/2016 Global Women Entrepreneurship Initiative in the USA, hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology.