About Why She Creates

Our Beliefs: We believe in radical inclusion, the power of the collective movement and the ‘Ubuntu’ spirit of helping one another.

What We Do: Why She Creates is a school for women who want to develop a creative mindset to unleash their full potential in their business or career. Whether you are a creative entrepreneur, banker or lawyer this is a space that connects you to resources and like-minded people to help you to tap into your intuitive and emotional capabilities to express your most ‘authentic’ self in your enterprise in order to make an impact.

Our ‘Why’ – What motivates us

  • This community helps us tap into our talents, spirit and energy, our inner capabilities to bring forth our ‘best work’ and live an amplified and fulfilled existence
  • As women, our brains are inter-connected, so we think & make decisions with our mind, heart & spirit
  • We yearn to find our purpose and create meaningful work that touches the lives of others
  • We seek for our ‘tribe’ that help us garner the courage to bring forth the treasures within us.
  • We seek for groups where we can engage with other like-minded people and tap into our creative, intuitive and emotional capabilities – our tribe
  • We enjoy connecting, learning and growing together to live more meaningful lives

Creativity is about allowing yourself to make mistakes – Art is knowing which ones to keep” – Scott Adams.

Our problem is not that we fail – it’s that we don’t know how to fail. We’ve got to get to a place where we embrace failure. I recently took an art class, initially I was apprehensive and fearful as I stared at the blank canvas – it had been over 25years since I took an art class. What I loved, was that, I had to step out of my linear and standardized way of thinking. There were no rules, no instructions given. I was guided by my own intuition. I could make mistakes and turn those mistakes into something beautiful

This session is about how to improve our quality of thinking by tapping into our intuitive, intellectual, emotional capabilities to create a masterpiece and ship it out into the world.

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If you want to start a business, Begin with the Right Mindset

A BIG Thank you to all of you who attended the ‘Achieving A Creativity Mindset’ event at Metta! It was a blast and we had such an amazing time exchanging ideas and learning how to develop a success mindset in this digital age.

The foundation of building a great business is overcoming your limiting beliefs and replacing those old ways of thinking with a new way of thinking that serves you and your customers well.

Do you feel stuck trying to start a business that is anchored on your talents and passion?

Then this message is for you!